My research interests

I am interested in modelling innovation processes that takes into account the complex properties influencing the evolution of technological artifacts as well as the influence and the response of users and society. To do so, I rely on agent based models of simulations. In fact, social sciences provide me with the hypothesis used as the founding principles of the models, while the complexity theory provides the grammar to articulate these hypotheses. The strength of agent-based modelling resides in its capacity to merge hypothesis from different granularities (micro behaviors, as well as meso or macro structures) and various time scales. Then, in the process of unveiling the pattern and regularities of the evolution of complex technological systems, simulation results can be discussed in relation with empirical observations of the history and evolution of real systems. And, policy advice can be provided to the firms and policy makers in charge of the development and evolution of these systems: e.g. the organizational structure of firms developing complex products, the inertia of complex infrastructures / organizations, the role of users on the evolution of complex technologies.

Besides, I am interested in the concrete history of technologies and industries. In fact most of my modelling work begin with an historical analysis of the related technologies, the industrial and social actors, as well as their institutional context. I can relate this to my academic training when my researches on industrial dynamics and innovation, affecting the creative and software industries (telecommunications, software, video game and music industries) were nourished by institutionalism. In the same line, I am interested in the influence of Internet and the digital technologies on the evolution of innovative and economic activities. In particular, a large part of my research deals with the development of decentralized organizations and markets, as well as the open source and open innovation philosophy. This has led me to a new project studying the governance of the online platforms of the for-profit Sharing Economy (e.g. Airbnb).

In a few words:
Organization and innovation, applied to creative, software, network and digital industries; Evolutionary and agent-based modelling ; Complex systems.